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Scrapmatters is celebrating it’s birthday with a huge sale, so I picked up a few new things.  I finally broke down and got Britt’s kit “Mermaid Lagoon.”  I have loved the colors since I first saw it and figured I’d surely be able to use it for more than just beaches and mermaids.  I was right.  I love it!  This is a pic of Adrian, Laura and I from Saturday night.  McKenzie had a Little Mermaid birthday party and we spent a lil while taking some silly self portraits.  Shocking, I know!


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I did this LO awhile back.  I don’t remember if it was for a challenge or if I just did it.  Anyway, the picture is from my roommate, Laura, and I’s trip to Mexico City last year.   We went to take part in Avon’s Race Against Breast Cancer.  By the time we parked and hiked to the location of the race, did the actual 5K, then walked back to the car, we were pretty worn out.  That afternoon we hiked out to the pyramid (by “hiked” I really mean walked FOREVER) and climbed up to the top.  It’s not an easy climb, but all the race festivities that morning didn’t help us reach the top any faster!  We kept stopping on every level to rest for a minute and (loudly) commenting on the race we’d done that morning and how it wasn’t a good idea to do a 5K and climb a pyramid in the same day.  Haha!  The view from the top was worth every step though!  It was absolutely beautiful and you could see forever.  Not to mention, it was a great excuse to sit for a few minutes!!

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A couple of weeks ago I applied for my first CT*.  This week I got an email from Claudi Designs saying they’d chosen me to be a part of their new team!  I was so excited!!!  Now, not only will I get to work with some great kits (for free!), I’ll get to help promote her awesome stuff and my LOs will get more exposure.  Everyone wins!  Here’s a little of what I’ve done so far. 

With the “Sonja” kit:

With the “Autumn Dreams” kit:

*CT – “Creative Team”  Most scrapbooking designers have a team of scrapbookers to whom they release their products early and usually for free in exchange for a certain number of layouts each month.  This gives the designer samples of pages done with their designs to use in promotion.

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This week, I did both the Saturday Special challenge and a speed scrap over at Scrapmatters.  And I love how they each came out.  One of the things I love the most about doing all of these challenges and things is that they force me to remember to scrap pictures that I might not get around to scrapping otherwise!  Like my best friend’s wedding…which took place over two years ago!

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Saturday Special

Last night, I finally got my LO for the Saturday Special over at Scrapmatters finished…just in time for a new challenge to come out this morning!  Haha.  The challenge was to scrap about your home, either current or previous.  I decided to use a picture of my dorm from college.  Anyway, I like how it came out.  I seem to be on a turquoise and red kick lately.  I’m evening wearing those colors today!

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Last night I did a speed scrap over at Sunshine Studio Scraps.  It was my first challenge over there and lots of fun.  Then, today I got a message telling me that my layout won LO of the day today!  That makes it even more fun!  🙂

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I won! I won!

Ok, so I didn’t really “win” anything, but my LO was chosen as “Layout of the Week” over at Scrapmatters!!  I did this one for a speed scrap last week (totally addicting by the way) and have been getting a crazy number of comments on it.  Maybe it’s a fluke, but I’ll take it!  Thanks everyone over there at SM!

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