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I’ve been working on trying to catch up on Project 365.  I got a few weeks behind while my computer was dead and the next few weeks are going to be pretty crazy (have I mentioned I’m moving to Canada and taking a trip to Mexico??) so I know I won’t have time to scrap then.  Hopefully I can work a little time in between the packing to do a couple more tomorrow.

Week 3:



Week 4:



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i didn’t wind up with time to scrap today like i’d hoped, but was able to get enough in tonight to catch up a week on project 365.  i’m a few weeks behind on scrapping, but so far am up to date with the pictures.  not too shabby!

(click on images to see them bigger)

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i don’t think i mentioned it here, but my computer has been out of commission for about 2 1/2 weeks and i have missed it dearly.  while i was able to do most everything i needed to on my parents’ desktop, i couldn’t do any scrapping!  it’s killed me to have so much free time on my hands and not be able to scrap!  but i got my computer back tonight and it’s working like a charm.  i hope to spend a good part of the day tomorrow catching up on project 365 (the scrapping part anyway.  i’ve kept up with the photos!), so hopefully i’ll have something new up tomorrow evening!

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